"Our son Ian attended his first school in the RLC Preschool when he was 18-months old and stayed there until he was four. We witnessed his phenomenal development which owed much to the care and nuturing from the teachers. The small class and warm environment which, we believe, helped Ian grow up in his initial but important stage of life. Ian is now a confident and happy boy who is willing to share his ideas. Thanks to everyone at the RLC." 
The Lau Family, Hong Kong

"I sent both my sons to the RLC preschool from a young age and they were very happy there. It was the perfect introduction to many social skills like forming friendships, establishing routines and of course learning. The teachers are so friendly, nurturing and caring in a professional way. They helped me, as a parent, with issues I was concerned about regarding the boys development in a very discreet way. It made such an impression on my older son that he couldn’t wait to pay the teachers a visit to go back and say "Hi" after four years. The creative and artistic skills that were nurtured at RLC are still his favourite subjects now. I would, without a doubt, recommend RLC to friends thinking of starting their children in preschool with a warm and friendly environment." 
Carolyn, UK

"The RLC Preschool was recommended to us by a friend who described it as "such a happy little place!" She was right. The teachers obviously love their jobs and their enthusiasm creates such a wonderful environment for the children. My daughter cheers whenever I tell her "it's time to go to school" -- that alone speaks volumes." 
Kristin, USA

"My daughter Safiya attended RLC for 18 months. I was drawn to the warm environment of this pre-school as soon as I saw it. Not only have the staff shown a very loving attitude towards her, they have also done wonders to nurture her into an independent and confident girl.  One of the most important factors at this school is that the teachers will work with the individual parents to address any issues as they arise. I have no hesitation in recommending this pre-school to anyone who is looking for a smaller outfit which offers a more focused and individual guidance for your child." 
Nehal, UK

"We are grateful to the caring, patient staff at RLC. Your flexibility in having our son attend extra days when his baby sister was settled in to the household was brilliant – more busy, fun days spent playing with friends. Thank you!" 
A Hadlow, Australia

"My 2 1/2 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed her mornings at RLC, and often asked to see her teachers & playmates on her non-school days!  As a parent, I was impressed with the structure of the program and we love to look through the photos in the school's diary and our daughter's artwork binders  - both are wonderful reminders of her time spent at RLC. It was a very positive introduction to schooling for our child." 
M.M from U.S.A
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